Inspired by this script I created a script that uses and the locateme script to find the weather in your current location. You can also find the weather by City, State or Zip code.

This script requires you to install locateme (brew install locateme) and grant it permission to use your location in Security & Privacy.

Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 10 22 11 AM
// Menu: Get Current Weather
// Description: Forecast provided by
// Author: Daniel Chapman
// Twitter: @ds_chapman
import "@johnlindquist/kit"
let input = await arg("Get the Weather", ["For My Current Location", "For a Different Location"])
var location;
if (input == "For My Current Location") {
// Requires LocateMe installed on the path
// '$ brew install locateme'
// Also make sure to allow locateme in privacy/security
location = await $`locateme -f "lat={LAT}&lon={LON}"`;
`<iframe src="${location}" height=1280px width=100% />`,
} else if (input == "For a Different Location") {
location = await arg("City, State or Zip")
div(`<iframe src="${location}" height=1280px width=100% />`)